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our concert programmes:


Magic, legends, love and torments in music at the time of "the tale of tales"



In 1643, in Naples, the probably most important collection of stories and folk tales of all times has been published: the „Pentamerone“ (the five-days-work) or „lo cunto de li cunti“, „the tale of tales“ by Giambattista Basile (1575-1632). Divided in five days of music Oni Wytars tells each day ten tales by using the most colourful flowers of south Italian music. more...➤

[6 musicians|

"Cantar d'amore"

Italian lovesongs from Renaissance and folk tradition

The inexhaustible repertoire of love songs of the 16th and 17th centuries of Italian courts and taverns up to the present folk tradition of central and southern Italy: Villanelle, Arie, Frottole, Tarantelle, Pizziche, Serenate - timeless poetry by great masters such as Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Giovan Thomaso di Maio, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, Barbara Strozzi, Giacomo Gorzanis, Sbruffapappa, Giovanni Domenico Da Nola and many others. more...➤

[6 musicians|

"Mediterraneum"- ancient worlds of improvisation between orient and occident


“Ten thousand rivers flow into the sea, but the ocean never runs over...“ 
the waters of Nile and Tiber, the spring waters of Caukasus, Balkans and Pyrenees, the Alps and Atlas come together in the Mediterranean Sea. 
Ensemble Oni Wytars presents project with outstanding musicians from all around the Mediterranean Sea: “Mediterraneum“ – music from Byzantine and Ottoman times, Italian instrumental music of the Trecento and its traces in the traditional music of southern Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. more...➤

[7 -11 musicians|

"Frederic II - Stupor mundi"- Music and poetry at the Staufer's court 

Frederic II: A German emperor grown up in Palermo. In 1198 he renounced to the German crown to become king of Sicily, and later king of Jerusalem. He was the last of the Staufer-dynasty, excommunicated twice by Pope Gregor IX, and an extremely controversal figure at his time. 
This programme offers a rich assortment of music at a time of great changes in European culture. An encounter of medieval German songs and oriental rhythms, of the Italian Trecento -and sacred Sûfi-music. more...➤

[1 speaker + 6-7 musicians]|

"La Follia - the triumph of Folly" 

Hundreds of composers have dared with relish to approach the vicinity of the Follia - there is hardly a famous name that has not signed at least one Follia. It‘s a constant temptation, an addiction. Once again, lots of good reasons for ensemble Oni Wytars to trace an unbroken tradition in order to adorn it with new facets and sounds, to present it with a fresh look, thus introducing to the audience the constantly self-reinventing world of „La Follia.“ 
Exotic, ancient instruments such as baroque hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharp, violino d‘amore, chitarra battente, double harp, polyphonic bagpipes, cornet, baroque oboe, harpsichord, organ, viola da gamba and various percussions come upon particular and unconventional vocals, which give life to sometimes absurd and strange texts from the Mediterranean Baroque. more...➤

[4 singers + 5 - 10 instrumentalists]|

"Gloria in cielo e pace in terra"

heavenly music for Christmas from 5 centuries


The message of the " star of Bethlehem" occupies people since centuries and inspires the imagination of artists since the early Middle Ages. Numerous manuscripts and song collections tell about the "star which illuminates all people, rich and poor, big and small, rulers and farmers". Still today this medieval tradition is continued in traditional Christmas songs in which the saints are represented not as heavenly creatures, but as "normal" people who participate in the everyday life and bring the message of the peace. more...➤

[6 musicians]|

"Demódokos" - a journey to the Greek Byzantine roots of southern Italy


The tradition of blind singers like once Homer and Demodocus has roots that go back a long way, right up to the time of the so-called "seeing singers", a kind of shamans. In many Greek myths, the blindness of the singers and the soothsayers is interpreted as a gift of the gods or nature. The poet, like an oracle, being blind for the "earthly" things, is able to see into the "other" world.

Ensemble Oni Wytars and exceptional musicians from the Mediterranean, heads off for a trip through an island world of archaic sounds and amazing stories, in a nearly forgotten languages and almost bygone traditions. Ancient hymns to the sun, passionate tarantellas, played on instruments that have survived thousands of years... more...➤

[11 musicians]|

"Carmina Burana" - the songs from Benediktbeuren


Called the "songs from Benediktbeuren" the "Carmina Burana" is one of the most representative monuments of medieval poetry and music. The manuscript deals, divided into four parts, with some of the most important subjects of medieval lyric: piety, war, morality and Saturnalian orgy.

A project in collaboration with UNICORN Ensemble / Vienna. more...➤

[Ensemble Oni Wytars & Unicorn Ensemble: 2 singers, 7 instrumentalists]

"Venite a laudare - Passionate processional chants of Middle-Italy

They called themselves "Disciplinati di Gesù Cristo", "Confraternita di Santa Maria delle Laudi" or "Compagnia di Sancto Spirito", they roamed through the streets of Toscany and Umbria chanting their songs of praise to god, the holy virgin and all the saints. Saint Francis´ message had reached the hearts of the mostly simple people and so they started gathering in confraternities, the so called laudesi.Songs from the "Laudari" of Cortona and Florence.
An outstanding portrait of the amazing music of the "Laudesi - brotherhoods". more...➤

[5 -7 musicians]

"Stella splendens" -Music on medieval pilgrimage roads

"Cantigas de Santa Maria", "Llibre Vermell de Montserrat", ...

Music on the medieval pilgrimage roads was certainly an extremely important part of daily life. Often the journey took months or years to complete, and one could shorten it with an entertaining conversation. 

This concert program presents itself as a journey, or rather as a musical pilgrimage through a medieval Europe full of legends, which was just about to set out in a new era of cultural diversity. more...➤

[5- 7 musicians]

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