For 30 years the ensemble Oni Wytars thrilled with its unusual projects. For the 500th Anniversary of Erasmus of Rotterdam's "Praise of Folly", the ensemble dedicates its new album to "folly". The musical equivalent to folly is the "Follia", a form of composition in which each new variation should – in the truest sense of the word – be crazier than the previous one and which enjoys great popularity since the Renaissance.
On this album Oni Wytars presents Follias by anonymous masters wich mingle with folk songs and then lose themselves in the well-known instrumental works by Vivaldi and Corelli until boundaries just melt away. An impressive selection of exotic and ancient instruments meet with rather unconventional vocals expressing sometimes absurd and strange texts from the Mediterranean Baroque. The Follia emancipates itself from the shackles of written texts and the standard repertoire, it recreates itself and bursts, along with the song, into a real musical firework full of highly virtuoso improvisation, joy, imagination and of course ... Folly!

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ancient worlds of improvisation between orient and occident

Tarantella - rhythms from Sicily, bagpipe - melodies from the Balkans
and Spain, greek Lyra tunes or turkish - arabic improvisations on the Oud - lute, they all let the listener dive into a mediterranean kosmos of sound. The music of byzantine empire play along with melodies of the medieval italian "Laudesi", spanish "Cantigas" from the 14th century meet ballads of the sefardic Jews, arabo-andalusean sounds blend perfectly with contemporary oriental melodies.
Marco Ambrosini, Katharina Dustmann, Peter Rabanser, Riccardo Delfino, Michael Posch, Belinda Sykes, Efrén López, Ian Harrison, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Carlo Rizzo & Luigi Lai.

"...electrifying and thrilling... Awesome! "(Toccata)

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"Canto Novello"
Italian "Laude" from the late middle - ages

Ars Choralis Coeln & Ensemble Oni Wytars

Songs of spiritual, social and - most of all - musical renewal. A melting pot, a conglomerate of centuries-old Christian musical traditions and the rich folk-poetry, distinct, powerful and thrilling.
The two ensembles Ars Choralis Coeln an Oni Wytars have met especially for this project, in wich they put together the enchanting beauty of sonority and high-mettled instrumental virtuosity – to make revive a fascinatingly eclectic tableau of the vernacular religious music in Upper Italy during the 14th century.

(raumklang RK 2809)

"Crai, crai, crai"
Music at the spanish court of Naples

An exciting confrontation of three musical worlds: Neapolitan poets such as Giulio Cesare Cortese, who sometimes performed their Tarantelle, Villanelle, Frottole and Tammurriate even in down-town taverns, the spanish Villancicos by a.o. Diego Ortiz and finally the elaborate works of Netherlandish Maestros such as Giovanni de Macque at the royal court.
A musical journey into the Spanish Kingdom of Naples, an ethnic melting pot wich has always been a crossing point between "Moorish" and European culture.

"with Ensemble Oni Wytars this mix of catchy melodies and elaborate instrumentals becomes an amusing journey." (MDR Figaro)

(raumklang RK 2706)
"From Byzantium to Andalusia"
Medieval Christian, Jewish and Islamic Music and Poetry

This concert programme introduces in a most impressing way to the music and poetry of the three great mediterranean cultures:
Italian "laude" from the "Laudario di Cortona", songs and poetry of the Ottoman Derwish brotherhoods by the great and mystic Yunus Emre, Andalusian "Judeo-Sephardic Romances", Christian - Arabic music from Syria, the Marroccan "Andalusian School", and Catalan pilgrim music from the "Llibre vermell de Montserrat".".

"...fabulous troughout!" (The Guardian/GB)

(NAXOS 8.557637)

"Music of the Troubadours"

Ensemble Oni Wytars, Unicorn Ensemble Vienna & Maria Laffitte († 2008)

The music and unique poetry of the great Occitan and Catalan Troubadours such as Jaufre Rudel, Beringuer de Palau and Giraut de Bornelh, a.o...

(NAXOS 8.554257)
"On the way to Bethlehem"
Music of the Medieval Pilgrim

Ensemble Oni Wytars & Unicorn Ensemble Vienna

A musical journey from England, the most western country and launching point of the first Crusade, through France, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, as far east as Syria.
A selection of Eastern and Western sacred and secular music performed on classical and traditional instruments of the Arabic world and their European successors of the Middle Ages.

(NAXOS 8.553132)
"Carmina Burana"
Die Lieder aus Bendiktbeuren

Ensemble Oni Wytars & Unicorn Ensemble Vienna

Called the "songs from Benediktbeuren" the "Carmina Burana" one of the most representative monuments of medieval poetry and music deals - divided into four parts - with some of the most important subjects of medieval lyric: piety, war, morality and Saturnalian orgy.

...simply enjoy... (Saale Zeitung)

(NAXOS 8.554837)
"Friedrich II - Stupor Mundi"
Music and poetry at the Staufer's court

Ensemble Oni Wytars & Karsten Wolfewicz

Frederic II: A German emperor grown up in Palermo. In 1198 he renounced to the German crown to become king of Sicily, and later king of Jerusalem. He was the last of the Staufer-dynasty, excommunicated twice by Pope Gregor IX, and an extremely controversal figure at his time. Until 1060 Sicily was for dominated by Islam for nearly two centuries. He succesfully made it a christian empire again conserving the courteous manners and language wich was Arabic. This programme offers a rich assortment of music at a time of great changes in European culture. An encounter of medieval German songs and oriental rhythms, of the Italian Trecento -and sacred Sûfi-music.

(Narration in German)

(Verlag der Spielleute CD0101)
A round dance

Ancient, traditional & contemporary music from Orient & Occident.

Bulgarian "Oro´s" meet the music of ancient Ottoman empire- traditional music, world-music, modal-Jazz goes along with both ancient and contemporary instruments.

"A variety of exiting sounds full of sonority, adrenaline and electricism." (FolkRoots, GB)

(Verlag der Spielleute CD 9504)

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"Die Rückkehr des Marco Polo"
Memories of a journey not yet done

Ens. Oni Wytars & Michael Riessler, Glen Velez, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Bernhard Landauer.

Marco Polo´s fantastic reports in ancient Italian language in his work Il Milione, published for the first time in 1308 inspired to this Odysee following the traces of the first world-traveller.
The two composers are guiding us through a labyrinth of medieval music, Jazz and Oriental melisma. These elements once brought together, going beyond historical and geographic boundaries -tell a story - the myth of a marvellous dream."Internationally reknown musicians in the field of Early and Contemporary music appear as genuine multi-instrumentalists and multi-stylists." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

(Verlag d. Spielleute CD 9704)

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"Amar e trobar"
Songs of Passion and Piety

Ens. Oni Wytars & René Clemencic

A selection of medieval Spanish, Italian and French lovesongs; Troubadours,"Cantigas de Santa Maria", "Llibre Vermell de Montserrat", "Cantigas de Amigo".

(Verlag der Spielleute CD 9201)