ancient worlds of improvisation between orient and occident

“Ten thousand rivers flow into the sea, but the ocean never runs over...“ 
the waters of Nile and Tiber, the spring waters of Caukasus, Balkans and Pyrenees, the Alps and Atlas come together in the Mediterranean Sea. The romans called it “Mare nostrum“, “our sea“ but nevertheless it belongs to everyone. In the consciousness of ancient generations it used to be the actual center of the world where the trade roads crossed from north to south, from east to west and where the old continents Europe, Africa and Asia and their civilizations and religions met.

Ensemble Oni Wytars presents an amazing project with outstanding musicians from all around the Mediterranean Sea: “Mediterraneum“ – music from Byzantine and Ottoman times, Italian instrumental music of the Trecento and its traces in the traditional music of southern Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Pilgrim songs from the Catalan 14th century Llibre vermell, wonderful poetry from the Andalusian school, Sephardic romances and what they became after the jewish diaspora in the 15th century in the Balkans and, finally, popular contemporary Arabic, Turkish and Greek sounds.


Many of these traditions go back several centuries, Oni Wytars wants to build “sonic“ bridges to these distant worlds. The virtuoso improvising of the ensemble on this journey through the Mediterranean is much more than an immersion into a time when music got out of the rigid structures of the middle ages – they take us closer to Early Music listening to the musical freedom one can only read and hear between the lines of a score. It's a feeling out the sonic rooms between yesterday and today, between near and far – this mediterranean journey wants to model sounds and let run free imagination and feelings, open ears and hearts, it wants to evoke the colourfulness, fragrance and sounds of our “mare nostrum“.

Ensemble Oni Wytars:

Gabriella Aiello - voice
Peter Rabanser - voice, lute, gajda, duduk
Marco Ambrosini - nyckelharpa, pochette
Katharina Dustmann - zarb, bendir, davul
Michael Posch - recorders, reed flutes
Riccardo Delfino - harp
Carlo Rizzo - tamburello, riqq, voice
Ross Daly - Cretan lyra, tarhu
Kelly Thoma - Cretan lyra
Luigi Lai - launeddas
Ian Harrison - cornet, shawm, gaita
Efrén López - oud, citola

"MEDITERRANEUM" - the making-of:

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