"La Follia - the Triumph of Folly"

Hundreds of composers have dared with relish to approach the vicinity of the Follia - there is hardly a famous name that has not signed at least one Follia. It‘s a constant temptation, an addiction -  once again, lots of good reasons for the ensemble Oni Wytars to trace an unbroken tradition in order to adorn it with new facets and sounds, to present it with a fresh look, thus introducing to the audience the constantly self-reinventing world of „Follia.“

An impressive selection of exotic, ancient instruments such as baroque hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, chitarra battente, double harp, polyphonic bagpipes, cornet, recorder, organ, viola da gamba and various percussions come upon particular and unconventional vocals, which give life to sometimes absurd and strange texts from the Mediterranean Baroque.

Follias by anonymous masters mingle with folk songs and then dive into the most known instrumental works by Vivaldi and Corelli, so deep to soften the boundaries until the composers just stand beside and listen with a smile. The Follia emancipates itself from the shackles of  literature and the known repertoire, it creates itself again and blooms, along with the song, a real musical firework full of highly virtuoso improvisation, joy, imagination and of course ... Folly!

[4 singers, 10 instrumentalists / reduced version: 2 singers, 5 instrumentalists]

  1. Follia Sinfonia Paduana (CD the triumph of folly)