The woman - secular and spiritual - in the music of the Renaissance, the early Baroque and the southern European traditions. Songs about the love, passion and creative power of women - a musical journey full of stories about spirituality and humanity, about heaven and earth
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Legends, magic and love in music at the time of "the Tale of Tales"


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"Cantar d'amore"

Italian lovesongs from Renaissance and folk tradition

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Ancient worlds of improvisation between Orient and Occident

"Frederic II - Stupor Mundi" 

Muisc and poetry for the Staufer-emperor
Ensemble Oni Wytars &
Karsten Wolfewicz / Thos Renneberg

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"La Follia - 
the Triumph of Folly"

A fire-work of Follias
and other crazy grounds!

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"Gloria in cielo
e pace in terra"

Heavenly music for Cristmas
from 5 centuries

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"Il Paradiso della Musica"

Musica antiqua Italica - Saltarelli,
Laude, Ricercare e Villanelle

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A journey on greek and byzantine traces in Southern Italy

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"Carmina Burana"

The songs from Benediktbeuren.
Ens. Oni Wytars & Unicorn Ensemble / Vienna

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"Venite a laudare"

Passionate processional chants of medieval Middle-Italy

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"Stella splendens"

The music of the medieval pilgrims

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